CDK’s Education Technology Place: The Reign of Technology

On Cydni Danner-Kuhn’s website I watched the two “Did you know?” videos. Some of the information on the videos was slightly jarring. For example, India has more honors students than America has students. Some of it was just interesting, like the first commercial text was sent in 1992. There were a lot of information I could guess, like the number of texts sent in a month by teenagers. Really, what this clip did was open my eyes to just how connected and advanced the world is. I, occasionally, am a fan of turning off my cell phone and going outside to read. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. But I try to not fully immerse myself in every type of communication. I have a Facebook, and I get emails to my cell phone. But I don’t typically status update from my phone or use a lot of other social media. And I think I don’t always realize all the technology that is at my disposal. I often think that’s a good think, but sometimes I wonder what I am missing.

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