Podcast Reflection #6

I really liked this blog and was pleasantly surprised that Kevin Honeycutt was the guest because I like his Driving Podcast. I love the idea that these teams of teachers are going through information on the internet and tagging it; I don't know how many time I have been sifting through the internet for something I know exists somewhere. As a student, it is incredibly frustrating not to be able to the resources, picture, video or whatever that would make the assignment transform from good to great. And if I had any idea how to tag things, I would do it (in my abundant spare time ha ha). Basically, what these "tag teams" do is set certain days where they search the internet and add tags to content. The goal is to make information easy to access. Kevin said when people throw pictures or movies on the Internet without tags; they might as well throw them in the ocean. All the unnamed pictures just get lost in the shear amount of information available. 
What I really, really like from this podcast was the Art Snacks (note: you have to sign up for this blog and prove you are a real person) Kevin does. Basically, they are 10-15 min art videos that incorporate other contents. For example, students might draw a skeleton and the label the bones. They are drawing and learning anatomy! I haven't investigated to see if there content suitable for secondary students, but I would imagine something could be easily adapted to fit the needs of older students. I really enjoy finding alternate ways to teach (and possible test). Even thought I personally like writing essays a great deal, I know most students don't. It pushes and encourages me, as a future teacher, to be creative and to turn to the smart people around me for good ideas.   

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